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Training Duration

Hair 3 Days   Makeup 5 Days  

Are you under 16 years old ?

Yes   No  

Additional Costs

The student will be required to bring with them a model face they wish to work on, which could be a friend or relative, ideally with clear skin complexion and tidy eyebrows. Alternatively a model could be provided from us, but this will be at an additional cost of £50 per day of training.

Terms & Conditions

1. Students must bring with them photographic identification and proof of address.

2. A deposit of £200 must be made to secure the position. The remaining amount will be paid on the first day of the course.

3. All payments must be made in full on the first day of the course and in cash only.

4. After students have read and signed this agreement and payment of the deposit have been made, all payments will be non-refundable under any circumstances.

5. All students must complete the full training.

6. In an emergency, students or emergency contact must inform Naeem Khan as soon as possible. A later date to continue training may be agreed upon by Naeem Khan.

  I have read and understood this contractual agreement.

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Next Training Season

Apr 29-May 2 In Bradford

Naeem Khan

Life, events and upbringing made me the theatrical personality I am today, which many people believe is also a part of my profession, and plays a deep role within my work.

From my earliest memories, my best friend was my mother's glamorous make-up bag. It was like a bag of jewels, full of items that were colourful and mysterious. This items would always go missing and each time I would get a stern telling off from my mother.

However, I would no doubt return to the hidden stash in my bedroom and start to paint my dolls faces! She never once stopped me though. My mother has been my biggest supporter and saw the ambition and potential in me from a young age. She showed me how to sew when I was 10.